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Bruxism and Tooth Grinding

Dentist working on a little girls teeth. When you grind your teeth, there can be a lot of negative effects that go with it. Fortunately, we here at Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry, are experts in bruxism and teeth grinding. We can diagnose and treat you or a family member who grinds their teeth. Teeth grinding can seriously affect the quality of your sleep and the sleep of your partner. If you wake up to the sound of grinding teeth, or if your partner tosses and turns all night, causing you to lose sleep, they might suffer from bruxism.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism occurs (usually) at night while you sleep. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of bruxism include:
•  Rhythmic contractions of the jaws
•  Frequent headaches
•  Pain in the face, neck, and head
•  Grinding sounds at night, these can be loud enough to wake up your partner
•  Jaw muscles that are tender or in pain
•  Broken or worn teeth due to excessive grinding
•  Swelling of the lower jaw
•  waking up after a full-night sleep feeling tired and groggy
•  Excessive teeth clenching
•  Popping and clicking and the temporomandibular joint

What causes bruxism?

There are a few different causes of bruxism. Frequent causes of bruxism include:
•  Malocclusion, or a condition where your teeth cease fitting together properly when your jaw is at rest
•  Stress, frustration, fear, anger, or anxiety
•  Sometimes certain medications can have the side effect of bruxism
•  Rare medical conditions
•  Complications of Parkinson's disease

Diagnosis of Bruxism

Most people who suffer from bruxism do not realize it because they do it while they sleep. This is why you should make sure to stay on a regular examination schedule with us. When you come in once every six months for a cleaning and examination, we have a chance to look at your teeth, see that excessive wear is occurring, and we can diagnose you depending on what we see. If you have noticed any of the symptoms listed above, you should call us today at 360-659-8100, 360-863-8700, 425-367-4149, 360-339-8000 and schedule an appointment.

Treatment of Bruxism

We always want to find out what the cause of bruxism is so that we can treat it in the most efficient way possible. We are often able to treat bruxism successfully using mouthguards that prevent you from grinding your teeth at night. If your bruxism is caused by malocclusion, then we may recommend some form of Orthodontic Treatment.

Mouthguard for kids with Bruxism and Tooth Grinding. Visit your Pediatric Dentist to determine if a mouthguard is needed.

Pediatric Night Guards

Night guards are extremely effective in preventing you from grinding your teeth while you sleep. The process to have a night guard made is a simple one that requires two trips to our office. During the first trip, we will take an impression of your mouth so that we can create a custom night guard that will perfectly and comfortably fit your mouth. We will send this impression to our dental lab where they will craft it out of extremely robust, long-lasting materials. This will only take about twenty minutes to do. We will call you to let you know when your night guard is ready to be picked up, which will be your second and final trip to our office.

Call us today at 360-659-8100, 360-863-8700, 425-367-4149, 360-339-8000 to schedule an appointment.

We Look Forward To Meeting You

Our front office staff is happy to discuss our services with you. Our dentists are here to serve your children and teens. For more information, contact one of our multiple Seattle area offices.


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When you grind your teeth, there can be a lot of negative effects that go with it. Fortunately, we here at Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry, are experts in bruxism and teeth grinding.
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