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Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry

Marysville, WA

Child sticking out her tongue at Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry in Marysville, WA

Tongue and Lip Tie Services

Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry offers state of the art laser services to infants and children who have conditions commonly referred to as tongue tie or lip tie.  Our pediatric dentist uses a soft tissue dental diode laser to provide precise, minimally invasive treatment to release the tongue or lip tie which can be done in our Marysville office. This common dental surgical procedure is known as laser frenectomy. There are many benefits of the laser frenectomy which include the following: promotes healing and reduces post-procedural discomfort, minimizes bleeding, shorter procedure and healing time, reduced risk of infection and is safe for newborns with immediate results. 

Our pediatric dentists work together with your pediatrician, lactation consultant, oral myofunctional therapist, speech pathologist and other health care providers to ensure that the frenectomy procedure is the best course of treatment for your baby/child. This “team approach” often helps rule out other problems that may be contributing to the difficulties your child may be experiencing as a result of tongue or lip tie.  

Our knowledgeable and caring staff look forward to assisting you by answering your questions and scheduling a consult visit with one of our pediatric dentists who are trained in laser procedures. You may reach us at (360) 651 3800. 

What is a tongue tie or a lip tie?

A tongue tie is a condition present at birth that limits the range of motion of the tongue because the frenum (connective tissue) located under the tongue is too tight or fails to recede or thin during normal development in utero. 

What is a Lip Tie?

A lip tie is a condition where the frenum (connective tissue) located between the lips and the gums is very short or thick, or connected too tightly to the gums. 

What problems can be associated with tongue tie and lip tie?

Tongue and/or lip tie conditions that may limit or restrict the range of motion of the tongue or lip can cause a number of difficulties for infants and children. 

Infants – In infants these conditions may result in the following difficulties: poor latch during nursing, poor weight gain, irritability during or after nursing, reflux or spitting up often, clicking or smacking noises while nursing, pulling away to gasp for air while nursing, dribbles milk while nursing, frequently fussy or has gas, and sleeping difficulties. 

Children – In children these conditions may result in speech disorders, problems with chewing and swallowing, sleep disordered breathing (apnea), severe bruxism, malocclusion and difficulties related to dental hygiene resulting in tooth decay and gum problems. 

Remember, to make an appointment for a dental cleaning at Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry or ask any questions, call us at 360-659-8100, 360-863-8700, 425-367-4149, 360-339-8000.

We Look Forward To Meeting You

Our front office staff is happy to discuss our services with you. Our dentists are here to serve your children and teens. For more information, contact one of our multiple Seattle area offices.


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Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry offers state of the art laser frenectomy services to infants and children who have conditions referred to as tongue tie or lip tie. Call us today!
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