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Tooth Pulps and Root Canals

A boy smiling after receiving a root canal at Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry in Marysville, WAYou do everything you can to help make sure that your child maintains a healthy, happy mouth. However, despite your best efforts, issues can still sometimes arise. Your child may not be brushing their teeth properly, which leads to the development of a cavity. Perhaps your child suffered tooth damage falling from their bike, out of a tree, or while playing with their friends. If the damage goes beyond the outer most layer of the tooth, bacteria can get inside. Should this happen, your child is at risk for serious complications. If your child has suffered tooth damage, Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry can help.

Has Your Child Suffered Tooth Damage?

The teeth are incredibly strong, but your child can still damage them. Falling from their bike, slipping on ice, suffering a facial injury while playing sports, and poor dental hygiene can all lead to serious issues. Physical damage can cause chips or cracks to the teeth. Decay can lead to the formation of a cavity. When these issues are present, getting treatment right away is important.

In cases of significant damage, bacteria can get into the inner layers of tooth. Once inside, the bacteria begin to multiply and irritate the pulp, which is the soft tissue located inside of the tooth. The pulp contains blood vessel and nerves. The infected tooth can cause a painful toothache as well as other serious complications, including affecting the development of the adult tooth underneath.


If tooth decay has just reached the nerves inside of the tooth but has not reached the roots, your child may be recommended for a pulpotomy. It may also be recommended if the tooth has been damaged and bacteria have gotten inside, but they are contained within the crown. With this treatment, decay is removed from the tooth along with the top section of the pulp within the crown. The interior of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. A filling is placed inside of the tooth, and a crown is placed on top. A pulpotomy may only require a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. If your child is exceptionally nervous; however, sedation may also be recommended.

Root Canals

If the bacteria have gotten into the root of the tooth, a root canal becomes necessary. With this particular procedure, all of the pulp is removed from the tooth. Removing this tissue helps to save the tooth, preventing the need for your child to need a tooth extraction.

The process for performing a root canal is similar to that of a pulpotomy. If there is decay present, this is first removed from the tooth. A small hole is drilled into the tooth so that we can use specialized tools to remove all of the pulp contained inside completely. The interior of the tooth is completely cleaned and disinfected. A special material is placed inside, and the tooth is capped with a crown. Like a pulpotomy, a root canal can be performed under just a local anesthetic. However, sedation may be recommended if your child is feeling anxious or afraid.

Treating a damaged tooth is essential for restoring the oral health of your child, preventing more serious consequences and the possible need for a tooth extraction. For more information, and to schedule an appointment for your child, call Puget Sound Pediatric Dentistry at 360-659-8100, 360-863-8700, 425-367-4149, 360-339-8000 today.

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Treating a damaged tooth is essential for restoring the oral health of your child, preventing more serious consequences and the possible need for a tooth extraction.
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